About Me

👋 Hello there! My name is Boris and this is my website.


I was born approximately 30 years ago in Podolsk, a town near Moscow. I lived there for 15 years, and moved to Moscow to study in a boarding school.

In the school I was participating in competitive programming contests, but started disliking it by the end of my study. Nevertheless, I worked a lot as a volunteer and teacher in competitive programming summer camps in the following years.

After the school I entered Computer Science faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University, specialising in Algorithmic Languages. I got Bachelors and Masters degrees in this field.

While studying, I was also working part-time as a computer science teacher in my former boarding school, and as a CTO of a 5-people company, which was doing web hosting, domain registration, system integration, and other cloud-related stuff.

After graduating in 2017, I moved to München to work for a big tech company. In 2019, I moved to Switzerland to contiue working for the same company. I worked in multiple different teams and roles, but was mostly focusing on building the internal platform to increase reliability, developer productivity, resource efficency, and policy compliance of the whole company.

I live in Wollerau, a small municipality near Zürich lake in Switzerland.


I enjoy a lot of different things:

  • Outdoor sports: hiking, mountaineering, cycling, and cross-country skiing.
  • Cooking.
  • Atteding metal concerts. My current favourite band is Avantasia, and my favourite vocalist is Ronnie James Dio.
  • Small projects around software engineering and technology.
  • Gaming. My favourite games are Half-Life 2, Skyrim, Mafia, and GTA 5.
  • I guess, as of now, blogging?

I don't feel comfortable calling most of these things hobbies, as sometimes I feel that I don't have enough dedication for them.

Social Networks Presense

I have the following accounts, ordered by my activity: Instagram, Strava, LinkedIn, GitHub.

I have also started this blog in January 2024, almost 5 years after I've got an initial idea to do it. You can subscribe to its Telegram channel or monthly updates, if you haven't already.